IAT (Internal Assessor Training)


TEAM4Excellence have partnered with EFQM to deliver sustainable excellence in Romania. The related products and services are in line with the EFQM Excellence Model.

Course aim

The Internal Assessor Training aims at preparing individuals to complete an internal assessment of their organisation.

Course objectives

This training will help create the internal capability and skills to run a self-assessment programme for your organisation. Participants will benefit from a one-to-one coaching and feedback throughout the training.
During the course, participants will get to practice using a number of tools, from simple self-assessments to a full Award simulation. After the course, they will be able to decide which tools are best suited to supporting your organisation and how to get started.

Who is this course for?

The Internal Assessor Training is open to Experts in Organisations who want to be able to plan, implement and manage an Organisational Excellence program and Develop Internal Competence to support their improvement processes and projects.

Entry requirements

  • Relevant business experience;
  • Basic knowledge of the Model (if this is not the case, we advise following the Basic Assessor Training before registering to the Internal Assessor Training).
  • Analysing skills.

Learning Process

Pre-course work: preparing data related to organisational environment;

Day 1 – data preparation:

  • Guided preparation of key data;
  • Benchmark data by EFQM;

Day 2

Understanding the value of Internal Assessments;
Different options of Internal Assessments;

Day 3

  • Planning and conducting Internal Assessments;
  • The value of using the EFQM Model and RADAR.


Two customisable versions:

  • “Certified Internal Assessor” Pass/Fail course, or
  • Certificate of Attendance


During this course, you will understand:

  • Characteristics and different levels of Excellence;
  • How personal experience is linked to Excellence;
  • The value and role of Internal Assessments and Assessor competence;
  • Different approaches to assessment;
  • How to support Leaders and Managers on the Journey to Excellence;
  • The value of using the EFQM Excellence Framework.

Course duration

Three days.

Course location

We deliver courses at our premises or in other cities across Romania. Upon request, we may deliver this training at your premises.
This course was primarily designed for in-house delivery.


Book online, email us at office@team4excellece.ro or call us at +40 341 444 111. Our Course Coordinator will liaise with you for the course delivery.