EAT (EFQM Assessor Training)


TEAM4Excellence have partnered with EFQM to deliver sustainable excellence in Romania. The related products and services are in line with the EFQM Excellence Model.

Course aim

The overall aim of the EAT is to enable you to develop essential assessment skills using the EFQM Excellence Model leading to becoming an EFQM Assessor.

Course objectives

Upon completion of the EAT module, you may expect to be able to:

  • Understand the approaches to internal and external assessment;
  • Apply the concepts and details of the EFQM Model and RADAR tools to produce value-adding performance analysis;
  • Work together with others in an assessment team environment.

Who is this course for?

The EFQM Assessor Training is created for those wishing to develop essential assessor skills and be able to perform self-assessment, internal assessment and peer assessment of other organisations.
This course is an important step on the learning curve of becoming an expert EFQM assessor and a pre-requisite to attend the Qualified Assessor Training (QAT).

Entry requirements

  • Relevant business experience;
  • In order to attend this course, it is recommended to complete the Basic Assessor Training (online course) or to have some confirmed understanding of the EFQM Excellence Model.

Learning Process

Prior to the course you will need to familiarise yourself with the case study to understand the organisation and its environment.

Day 1: you will be introduced to the EFQM Excellence Model, its components and assessment tools before being challenged through team work sessions to put your new knowledge into practice and maximise your learning.

Day 2 will focus on practice and passing onto you the expert knowledge from your trainer on:

  • Understanding the organisation’s context and its most relevant aspects;
  • Site visit planning; interviews and the RADAR scoring;
  • Preparing and presentation feedback.


Throughout the 2 days, you will be evaluated by the trainers, based on an Assessor Competency Model. This individual assessment and coaching is based on your team work contributions, your evaluation of information, your feedback and written exercises. It helps you to further build on your strengths and work on your areas for improvement.
This course is a pass or fail. Upon successful completion of the EAT, you will receive the EAT Certificate.


Passing enables you to perform self-assessment, internal assessment and peer assessment of other organisations, allowing you to build real experience. It will demonstrate to your colleagues and peers that you acquired the skills and knowledge required to effectively assess and contribute to the future of your organisation, as well as to develop and practice managerial skills.

Course duration

Two days.

Course location

We deliver courses at our premises or in other cities across Romania. Upon request, we may deliver this training at your premises.


Book online, email us at or call us at +40 723 194 474. Our Course Coordinator will liaise with you for the course delivery.