We are helping to prepare a new generation of business leaders by offering training and development opportunities built on practice-based learning and exchange between organisations.

IAT (Internal Assessment Training)

The Internal Assessor Training aims at preparing individuals to complete an internal assessment of their organisation.

This training will help create the internal capability and skills to run a self-assessment programme for your organisation. Participants will benefit from a one-to-one coaching and feedback throughout the training.

During the course, participants will get to practice using a number of tools, from simple self-assessments to a full Award simulation. After the course, they will be able to decide which tools are best suited to supporting your organisation and how to get started.

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J2E (Journey to Excellence)

The Journey to Excellence aims at teaching you how to start the business excellence programme at your organisation.

At the end of the course, you will better appreciate what is required to set out on the journey, not just in terms of tools and techniques but also in cultural development.

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L4E (Leaders for Excellence)

The Leaders for Excellence course aims at developing the leadership skills of participants in the context of the EFQM Excellence Model.

The objectives of this course are for the attendees to become conversant with:

  • The basics of the EFQM Excellence Model, the RADAR Logic and the Fundamental Concepts
  • How to interpret an assessment feedback report
  • How to use the DMAIC approach, and supporting improvement tools, to pinpoint and address the root cause of improvement areas identified
  • How to use the Business Excellence Matrix approach to develop a Management Document for your organisation.
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BAT (Basic Assessor Training)

The BAT aims at giving people who have very little knowledge of the EFQM Excellence Model a basic understanding of the structure. and the 3 key elements:

  • The Fundamental Concepts of Excellence;
  • The EFQM Excellence Model;
  • The RADAR Logic.

Upon completion of the BAT module, you may expect to know about:

  • Introducing EFQM and the need for a Model;
  • What is Excellence – the definition of Excellence and techniques of stakeholder analysis;
  • The Fundamental Concepts of Excellence;
  • The Criteria;
  • The RADAR assessment framework;
  • Basics of Assessment;
  • Concrete examples of Excellence at Work in organisations that are award finalists.
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EAT (EFQM Assessor Training)

The overall aim of the EAT is to enable you to develop essential assessment skills using the EFQM Excellence Model leading to becoming an EFQM Assessor.

Upon completion of the EAT module, you may expect to be able to:

  • Understand the approaches to internal and external assessment;
  • Apply the concepts and details of the EFQM Model and RADAR tools to produce value-adding performance analysis;
  • Work together with others in an assessment team environment.
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QAT (Qualified Assessor Training)

The QAT focuses on the practical application of assessor competences and is aimed at further developing the understanding of an organisation’s context and strategic priorities.

Upon completion of the QAT module, you may expect to be ready to:

  • Perform robust Committed to Excellence (C2E) & Recognised for Excellence (R4E) assessments;
  • Deliver balanced high-added value feedback for all applicant organisations at both strategic and operational levels;
  • Make a valuable contribution to an external assessor team.
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