TEAM4Excellence active member of EFQM Global Network

TEAM4Excellence commits to being an active member of EFQM’s global network of organisations. EFQM members have a passion to drive excellence within their organization to increase their global competitiveness and thus support EFQM in their ambition of leading excellence globally.

Leon Toissant, CEO of EFQM

Starting from 1 July, 2017, we have joined more than 400 organisations from a wide range of sectors, countries worldwide, large, medium or small size, public or private, into the global network of EFQM. EFQM is a global network of organisations with a common goal: pursuit of excellence.

By joining EFQM, we aim to better connect our organisation to the global environment and to share, learn and innovate good practices, based on the EFQM Excellence Model. As EFQM members, we have access to Good Practice Visits, webinars, communities of practice and the EFQM forum.

As members of EFQM, we have gained access to the EFQM Knowledge Base, which incorporates a wide range of content items, now available to everyone in our organization. Particularly, we consider the good practices and the assessment tools included in the Knowledge Base an important asset in our quest for Excellence.

Through becoming EFQM members, we continue our quest towards integrating excellence in our organisational culture, and assisting other organisations in Romania to gain sustainable competitive advantage through excellence.