Growing the Excellence Capabilities in Romania

The mock visit interviews were perhaps the most challenging and yet rewarding part of the training. Samuli, our trainer, was really a tough nut to break in terms of gaining relevant information from him, as mock HR Director. The exercise was very realistic, and resembled the real interviews I have done while consulting and carrying out surveys in the UK and across Europe. The mock interview was truly a rich experience.

Ovidiu Acomi

By teaming up for excellence in Romania, we have embarked on a journey of capabilities development and knowledge transfer. As part of the associated road map, Ovidiu Acomi was admitted for taking a step further his endeavor with EFQM, by participating in the Qualified Assessor Training at the EFQM premises in Brussels, during 13-15 July, 2017.

The course followed the EFQM curricula, which included pre-coursework and two-day training.

Prior to attending the course, Ovidiu has studied the course case study, thus familiarizing with the given organisation and its environment. Upon examining the pre-seen material, Ovidiu has carried out and submitted his pre-coursework, which assisted him in gauging his level of understanding of the organization and his comprehension of the EFQM Excellence Model.

The coursework material also served as the reference material for the key findings regarding the organization in the context of the Model, which were later used for enhancing the theoretical content with the practical in-depth experience of assessing an organisation with the EFQM Excellence Model.

The two-day course used the case study to simulate real-life assessing conditions for group exercises.

During day-1, Ovidiu was introduced to the EFQM Excellence Model, its components and assessment tools before being challenged through team work sessions to put your new knowledge into practice and to maximise your learning.

Day-2 focused on practice and gaining expert knowledge from the trainer, with regards to:

  • Understanding the organisation’s context and its most relevant aspects;
  • Site visit planning;
  • Site visit interviews and the RADAR scoring;
  • Preparing and presentation feedback;

Going forward, Ovidiu will continue the steep learning curve towards mastery of the art and practice of EFQM Assessments. Thus, we develop capabilities on Romanian ground for performing self-assessment, internal assessment and peer assessment of other organisations.

We Train, Evaluate and Advise individuals and organisations on Management Excellence for Romania.