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EFQM Forum Madrid 2017

25 years ago, in 1992, the first EFQM Excellence Award ceremony took place in Madrid, in the presence of the King of Spain. The EFQM Award was called at the time the “European Quality Award”. The first Award Winner was Rank Xerox in the United Kingdom.

Since then, over 250 organisations, representing various size and sectors, private or public, measured their progress on their journey towards Excellence, aiming at the highest level by applying to the EFQM Excellence Award.

The results of this year’s EFQM Award will be announced during the Celebration Dinner on Thursday 26 October, in Madrid. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover it in real-time!

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Growing the Excellence capabilities in Romania

“The mock visit interviews were perhaps the most challenging and yet rewarding part of the training. Samuli, our trainer, was really a though nut to break in terms of gaining relevant information from him, as mock HR Director. The exercise was very realistic, and resembled the real interviews I have done while consulting and carrying out surveys in the UK and across Europe. The mock interview was truly a rich experience.”

Ovidiu Acomi

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TEAM4Excellence active member of EFQM Global Network

TEAM4Excellence commits to being an active member of EFQM’s global network of organisations. EFQM members have a passion to drive excellence within their organization to increase their global competitiveness and thus support EFQM in their ambition of leading excellence globally.

Leon Toissant, CEO of EFQM

Starting from 1 July, 2017, we have joined more than 400 organisations from a wide range of sectors, countries worldwide, large, medium or small size, public or private, into the global network of EFQM. EFQM is a global network of organisations with a common goal: pursuit of excellence.

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